Corbett Hideaway, Corbett
National Park


The Corbett Hideaway is a leading hotel at Corbett National Park, spread over an area of 10 acres, with cottages interspersed within a thick mango grove and variegated bamboo.

In 2003, the management decided to increase the inventory by another 14 cottages, from 38 cottages to 52. As most of the earlier cottages were double storied or built adjacent to each other in one block, we felt that it would be better to create a sense of space and to give the guest well-deserved privacy.

An independent cottage was designed with over 430 sqft of covered space, with a large bathroom and dressing area. These cottages were further embellished with khaprelle tiles over the slanting concrete roof.

Keeping the well-traveled tourist / guest in mind, these large rooms with their extra large windows were furnished with Baker inspired furniture.


Naini Retreat, Nainital


Historically referred to as the residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit, The Naini Retreat is one of the most prestigious of the heritage hotels in Nainital. This palatial building exudes an old world charm.

The brief was to make the 400 sqft dining hall into a 2000 sqft grand Victorian restaurant without spoiling or changing the 125-year-old heritage building. The 24” thick walls were removed by placing girders, beams and reinforcing the structure. The surrounding verandah was incorporated into the new restaurant. The metamorphosis was complete when a brand new ceiling based on old British manor houses was designed.

Old portraits of Maharajas along with period artifacts were sourced from all over. Along with all these changes, we removed the cramped dogleg staircase and created a grand staircase with a central well, which also integrated the top floor with its newly designed suites.Incidentally, this floor was earlier used by the resort manager as his private quarters and had no access from the main hotel.

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Club Mahindra,


The Dancing Waters resort of Club Mahindra is spread over 3.5 acres of land facing the lake and surrounded by lush green mountains. The resort has 31 state of the art suites. Every suite offers breathtaking views of either the lake or the hills.The challenge was to convert a derelict and drab three storied school building built like a barrack with numerous classrooms and halls, into a turn-of-the-century colonial resort.

  We gutted all the internal brick walls to create a central corridor with studio suites on the hill facing side, and one-bedroom suites on the lake facing side. In its new avatar, the resort has 31 suites spread over three floors. On the top floor we also designed a lake facing restaurant, a large conference hall and an exclusive bar. And on the ground floor, we carved out space for the reception, back office, housekeeping and the public washrooms.

  Large bay windows with seating facing the lake were designed, and the exterior was clad with an eye-catching combination of grey slate and red sand stone.


Ahana Wilderness Resort,
Sawaldey, Corbett
National Park


Aahana is an eco-friendly resort spread over 11 acres. It is the only luxury resort adjoining Corbett National Park where the boundary wall of the National Park runs along the entire length of the hotel.

The Resort has been designed with independent clusters of four and six bedroom cottages. Each cottage has large luxurious rooms, each with a private balcony / verandah, a huge conference hall with a pre-function area, spacious restaurant, big bar, a swimming pool with Jacuzzi overlooking the forest, and a wellness center with an Ayurvedic spa and gym.

The reception building has a naturalist’s section with a screening room, and a full-fledged recreational area with enough space for indoor and outdoor games such as billiards, pool, table tennis, etc.

Space has been carved out in the lawns for badminton, tennis and volleyball.

On completion the resort will have over a 100 rooms.

Aahana Resort is one of the few that has adopted Root Zone treatment to purify waste water. In the Root Zone treatment system waste water passes thru artificially constructed wetland area where pollutants are removed by biogeochemical process like sedimentation, absorption and nitrification thru uptake of wetland plants. The concentrations of total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, total nitrogen, total phosphorous, biochemical oxygen demand, and chemical oxygen demand is easily reduced by 70% to 90%. This system achieves standards for tertiary treatment with no operating costs, low maintenance costs, enhances the landscape, provides a natural habitat for birds and has no odour problem.

The resort has now been voted among the “top 25 hotels in India” by Trip Advisor.


The Manor,


The brief was to create a deluxe hotel on a small plot of land, keeping all zoning regulations in mind, as the location was adjacent to the Nainital High Court. A 14-room hotel was planned. Due to the space crunch, every square inch of space was creatively utilised. To keep the costs low, the furniture was specially designed with ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality. These designs were then given to our vendors in China and were manufactured according to the specs given by us.


Resort on Oak Road,


It was a dilapidated 100 year old mansion with out-houses built over 14,000 sq ft on a two acre plot. At one time the premises even housed a school. Its warren like maze of rooms defied any logical sense of planning with its inner rooms devoid of ventilation or natural light.

We relocated the inner walls and created a 20 suite boutique hotel with grand bedrooms and separate sitting rooms, each having large windows, one side overlooking the entire Doon valley, and the other the Landour valley. Its plaid and run-down exterior was completely stripped and given a major facelift with a more colonial heritage look.