Who We Are

Mala Bawa

A leading design specialist, she has been in the design field since the last 14 years. She has designed, refurbished and furnished numerous hotels, resorts, offices and residences. Endowed with a knack for optimizing space and giving any ambience a 360-degree overhaul, she has played a key role in garnering a reputation for her clients along the lines of luxury, comfort and splendour. As a result, her work has been featured in a number of leading interior design and decor magazines.

Bawa Preetranjan Singh

Has years of architectural experience on a number of prestigious projects. With a keen eye for detail and zest for the unique and novel, his clients boast of some of the biggest names in the industry. Alongside the architectural sphere, he also has an eclectic range of experiences/projects in the furniture segment, and was selected by the Italian Government for a comprehensive training programme on wood working machinery and related technology in the furniture capital of Italy, Rimini.